A tall bridge located at the bottom of a green-rich mountain

Turnaround time

Intending to ensure our service quality, we ask each customer (requesting a translation) to allow us a reasonable or certain time—enough time to achieve the aforementioned intention—to complete and deliver the translation, so that we can make it as accurate and reliable as possible. Please note, therefore, that we choose neither to take up an urgent offer nor to shorten an estimated or quoted turnaround time, at an extra cost.

Payment Method

The payment should be made of the amount billed by transferring money to either the bank account or the postal transfer account specified by us. Please be aware that the transfer fee shall be borne on your side. Please let us know if you prefer any different payment method than the above.

An enlarged image of a big bridge viewed from below
A stone bridge over a lake in the woods

CAT Tool

CAT tool stands for Computer-aided Translation Tool and is used to specifically facilitate the actual translation process. The use of a CAT tool, like Trados or Phrase, is recommended for any translation project that is not a one-off or one-time task, but that involves a series of successive tasks taking place continuously at regular or irregular intervals so that any texts or data translated during earlier tasks are stored in the database of the CAT tool which, in turn, reuses the databased or stored texts or data to automatically translate any similar data to the stored data during later tasks. Thus, the tool helps us to make the most or effective use of such stored data.

CAT Tool-Based Translation Price (Discount Percentage) Table

This table shows the discount percentage appropriate to each match level (see the table below), which is taken off an original or regular price for a translation, accordingly. This table applies to any translation based on a CAT tool.

Match level (the level of similarity between a segment (phrase or sentence) of source text and a segment stored in the translation memory database (TM)) 100%:15% off the original or normal price
Repetition (repeated segment):15% off
Match level 99 to 95%:30% off
Match level 94 to 75%:50% off
Match level Less than 75%:0% off (no discount)
New word:0% off (no discount)
A red iron bridge spanning across the ocean