Below is a sampling of projects or documents we completed (as of Dec. 2023). Please understand that to maintain the confidentiality of client information, we cannot share their specific names or titles. Although this list contains English<->Japanese translations (E<->J) alone, our Chinese<->Japanese translation department is also competent enough to take care of, on the whole, any documents or projects similar in nature or content to the ones below, with solid professional experience under its belt.

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Achievements List

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  • Specs, manuals, promotion/presentation materials for SMT and various surface mounters and semiconductor-related systems (e.g., AOI, notch inspection machine, bond tester) (J->E)
  • Product website of a developer of automotive coding apps (E->J)
  • Assembly instruction manuals for notebook-size computers from an electronic manufacturer (E<->J)
  • Explanatory materials for plastic injection molded and die-cast products, and plating/surface treatment (J->E)
  • Malt mill owner’s manual (E->J)
  • MTPE (Machine Translation Post Edit) of materials for rebar cutting, bending, bundling, and processing machines (E->J)
  • User manuals or specs for products or software from manufacturers or suppliers of engines, printing, optical or machine tool equipment, special vehicles, in-car cameras, transformers, park assist camera ECUs, electric machinery (computer, car navigation system, LED light, refrigerator, elevator, media player, mobile POS/factory automation system, hand dryer, air cleaner, LCD monitor, TV, wash machine, vacuum cleaner, dishwasher, fan, etc.), housing equipment, battery packs, adhesive dispensers, image inspection systems, industrial electric equipment controls, electronic components, office equipment, precision mechanical equipment, measuring instruments, industrial equipment and whatnot
  • Electric vehicle design guidelines (E->J)
  • Guidelines for skills competitions hosted by an industrial equipment maker (J->E)
  • Specs/marketing materials for excavators (E->J)
  • MTPE of specs for prepress equipment/software products (E->J)


  • Foor manufacturer-provided instructions for Instagram management (J->E)
  • Electric-appliance company’s various materials or documents, such as internal company records or notifications, presentations, meeting or exhibit materials, specs, and manuals, related to the following fields: product planning, material management, production and quality control, customer cultivation, advertising, promotion, product design, manufacturing and processing technologies, risk assessment, procurement, etc. (E<->J)
  • MTPE of marketing/promotional materials for tire products (J->E)
  • Internal company materials/documents from an entertainment company (J->E)
  • Auditing/questionnaire survey materials (J->E)
  • EU declarations of conformity (or CE certificates) (J->E)
  • Marketing/internal company materials and product specs issued by a control instrument supplier (J->E)


  • SNS and website translation/localization (J<->E)
  • Various materials or documents relating to the information systems, DX, cyber security, and risk assessment of an electric appliance company (J->E)
  • MTPE of installation and operation manuals for apps from a comprehensive IT company (J->E)
  • Instruction manuals for an IT vendor’s software products and services (E->J)
  • Specs for an open architecture framework (E->J)
  • Technical documents released by an information and telecommunication business company (J->E)
  • Marketing materials, etc., from IT companies (E<->J)
  • Proofreading of the English subtitles added to videos of medical equipment (J->E)
  • Manuals for medical equipment (medical ultrasound equipment, electrical surgical bed, etc.) (E<->J)


  • Various materials or documents released by railroad companies (news releases, station guide materials, station yard display signs, natural disaster control documents, material procurement documents, station operation balance reports, materials for the development and upgrading of stations and their surrounding areas, documents proposing a package of measures or initiatives to improve railroad services, analysis reports on an operating base, sightseeing brochures, overpass and/or bridge construction work documents, new/tourist train presentation brochures, railroad technology materials, training or education booklets, etc.) (E<->J)
  • Guidebooks for a foreign railroad service provider’s employees visiting Japan (E<->J)
  • Technical assistance agreements (J->E)
  • Railroad Project contracts (E->J)


  • Non-disclosure and software licensing/service agreement, transfer/sole agency contract, consent/parts purchase, exclusive distributor, outsourcing, and partnership agreements, patent-related document, etc. (E->J)
  • Proofreading of supplemental materials for a whisky resale contract (E->J)
  • Freight payment agreement (J->E)
  • Registration certificate and articles of incorporation (E->J)
  • Social welfare service agreement (E->J)
  • Employee handbook (labor/work rules) (E->J)
  • Electric appliance maker’s internal rules, standards, and specs including development process management standards, development design control rules, project plan preparation, and design change standards, etc. (J->E)
  • Proofreading of basic repair service agreement (E<->J)
  • Document related to the Interpretation of Electrical Equipment Technical Standards (J->E)
  • Quality assurance agreement (E->J)
  • MTPE of a user license agreement (E->J)
  • User software license and maintenance agreement (E->J)
  • Purchase agreement (E->J)
  • BS EN 50549 Requirements for Generating Plants to Be Connected in Parallel with Distribution Networks (E->J)


  • Recipes prepared by a food manufacturer for people outside Japan (J->E)
  • Sightseeing brochures (J->E)
  • Personal letters/documents, application forms (E<->J)
  • MTPE of the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) (E->J)
  • Military-related investigation, research, and procurement materials (E->J)
  • Materials and documents concerning the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and Paralympics Games (J->E)
  • Proofreading of investing trust-related documents and a prospectus regarding admission to degree or certificate programs in a graduate school (J->E)
  • Explanatory materials for the procedure of developing products compliant with certain communications standards (J->E)
  • A study document related to groundwater contamination at nuclear power generating plant (E->J)
  • A tender document concerning energy produced by wind power (E->J)
  • Public relations materials issued by public offices (J->E)
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